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Nakamura KokiPrincipals/Partners

70 years of Accumulators, Bladders....

"Product development ahead of the demands of the times." The fundamental philosophy of Nakamura Koki. 


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Founded in 1953, 

Nakamura Koki Co., Ltd. started producing accumulators in 1963.

In 1965, the company entered into technical partnerships with GREER and OLAER PANTENT in the U.S.A.

and acquired basic technologies related to global standard accumulators.

Since then the company has manufactured accumulators

and has continuously offered a wide variety of unique products for half a century

Although conditions in the industry are constantly changing,

Nakamura Koki Co., Ltd. boasts unrivaled technologies and superior quality, and it has established itself as the market leader.


Today, the company offers:

- Bladder & Piston Accumulators of various materials and pressure ratings.

- N2 Booster Pump skids / systems.

- Customised hydraulic Systems and Solutions for Offshore, Industrial etc.


accumulators assembly Nakamura

Piston and Bladder Type Accumulators


 N2 Gas Booster Pump and Accumulator Cylinders on Accumulator stand

Illustrates N2 Gas Booster Pump Skid , Accumulator Stand with Cylinders Accumulators


Types of Accumulators Manufactured

- Miniorator series (M series) Accumulator

- General series (G series) Accumulator

- Twin open series (T series) Accumulator

- In-line type accumulator (D series) Accumulator

- Screen type accumulator (P type) Accumulator

- Transfer barrier accumulator (B type) Accumulator

- Stainless steel accumulator (S type) Accumulator

- Hydro-lung series (BAB series)



- Shock Dampener (Water Hammer and Pressure Surge Absorder)

- Power Compensator

- Pump Pulsation Dampener

- Thermal Change Compensator

- Hydraulic Balancer

- Fluid Supplier

- Hydro-Pneumatic Shock Absorbers

- Transfer Barrier



- Well head control panels.

- Chemical injection skids / packages.

- Potable / Hot water packages.

- Emergency pump packages.

- Hydraulic power for energy storage.

- Cargo Systems, Subsea HPU and Winches & cranes.


Clients: SHELL, Petronas, Chiyoda, Toshiba, Toyo, Mitsui, etc.


Download Additional information:

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Nakamura Accumulators Brochure

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Accumulators Selection Catalog

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Bladder-Type Accumulators Drawing DWG30V-7119NB

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Bladder-Type Accumulators Drawing DWG30V-11179NB

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   Calculation of Accumulator for Energy Storage - Mowe Sample 

file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516   -   G-Series and T-Series Accumulators Catalogue


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