System Integration &
Software Management


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System Integration &
Software Management

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System Integration & Software ManagementCapability

Mowe has been involved in system integration and software management for past 20 years over many onshore and offshore projects.


A) System Integration

Our team of Engineers is proficient in design and integration of systems solutions to client’s specifications in Marine, Oil & Gas, and Power industries. As industries grows with Information Technology, system integration works hand in hand with software management to improve reliability and compliance in the industry. 
We have delivered many customized solutions in terms of size, pressure, and other engineering parameters to major oil and gas customers include Shell, Murphy, MMHE, THHE, Technip and others. 
Our delivery of several FSO, FPSO, Platforms and Jack ups in terms of marine, offshore and top side packages to clients are well in service till today.

Our engineering delivery of HPHT system at 15000 psi and flow rate controlled at 1.3 Litre per hour which equates to 0.021 Litres per minute is still our most challenging task till today and of a pinnacle project till today with Petronas.


Mowe System Integration & Software Management Projects

We deliver solutions to customers and work hand in hand with them earnestly form design, project management, Factory Acceptance test to the final stages of Site Acceptance test and offshore hook-ups and commissioning.


Factory Acceptance Test and System Acceptance Test

Illustrations of Factory Acceptance Test and System Acceptance Test


There is no part of our process / journey that we do not answer customer’s queries earnestly.
With good and honest work, good references are obtained. Good friendship is entrenched.
We obtained good references from Shell, FPSO Ventures, Petrofac and many other major customers.



 file pdf download acrobat adobe reader 44516    -  Mowe Offshore Introduction to Platform


B) Software Management

Our company creates HMI on customer demands and project specs.

We determine site and project requirements and determine best recommended practise for clients.

A HMI diagram / SCADA Diagram can be as simple as a few pages to hundreds pages. From as simple design as a Hot Water Calorifier package to complex systems as ESD and other process packages.

We sit our HMI on robust and reliable software platforms proven in Marine & Offshore from Rockwell Allen Bradley or Siemens.



Function of software includes:

-    Integrated control of multi-platform systems.

-    Supervision of the complete control system.

-    Remote operation.

-    Simulation.

-    Alarm monitoring, Data logging and Trending.

-    Security.

-    Vivid Visual display and presentation for good understanding.

-    Reliable redundancy features and much more.



-    Increase safety in operations e.g. automation startup and shutdown sequence.

-    Reduce implementation cost and increase efficiency.

-    Reduce long term maintenance cost.

-    Increasing ease of maintenance.


SLC Software interface