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Principals / Partners

Mutual Respect … is our code to win-win

“ Great things in business are never done by one
person. They’re done by a team of people. ”
- Steve Jobs


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MOWE is honored to acquire strong partnership with leading manufacturers globally from Germany, Netherlands to Japan, Europe and Asia.

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Klopper Therm


Klopper Therm Germany  Specialised in designing and manufacturing Heaters,  Electrical Heating Systems and Boilers, Thyristor Control System and more in marine and power industries. Klopper Therm establishes with advanced technologies and has a strong history of more than 80years. 

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Power Drive Motors & Gensets




SWTS Pte Ltd   A PON company today, specialised in repairs, maintain engines and rotating equipment. PON & SWTS manufactures power systems, Switchboards, Drives, IGBT & Power conditioning.(Formerly known Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services)

Gen Set SWTS


Accumulators & Booster Pumps

Nakamura Koki



Nakamura Koki Co., Ltd.   Specialised in manufacturing a wide variety of accumulators cater to global market, with improved technologies and superior quality for over than half a century. Nakamura has established itself as a market leader in Japan.

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Dennis Nakakita



Dennis Nakakita, S.A.   Specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality equipment like Butterfly Valves, Actuators (Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic) and Remote Control System for the international Oil & Gas, Marine & Shipbuilding, Navy, Energy and Water markets since 1973.

dennis vlv2 


OMV indoil logo

OMV-INDOIL, Europe   Specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality Industrial Ball Valves (Wafer type, 3-piece type, Threaded 2-piece type, Flanged type) and Butterfly Valves (Double and Triple Eccentric type). OMV is well established regional market leader in Europe.

OMV product



SJ sejin logo

SEJIN Valve Ind. Co. Ltd, Korea   Specialised in manufacturing and supplying for high performance Butterfly valves, Check valves, Sluice valves for Power Plant, Water Works, Marine & Offshore industries, etc.

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Fittings & Pipings

Den Holder Europe



Den Holder, Europe   Specialised in designing and manufacturing differential pressure flow elements such as orifice plates and venturi tubes, and also other special piping parts such as length compensators, strainers, sample coolers and spectacle blinds. Den Holder was established in 1921, and has built up a worldwide reputation in its sector.

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